About Me

Hello there,
        I’m Brandy. I’ve always considered myself to be a creative person. However I’m not one of those people who came out of the womb and was instantly a master craftier. (We all know those types of people) My lack of patience is often times the cause of my not so perfect crafts.
          One would assume after working and painting sets I would have mastered this skill but one would be wrong. I have a degree in Theatre and being a part of that world has taught me so much more than just building sets, lighting, costuming, directing and acting. It saved me and it’s the reason why I’m a huge advocate for performing arts in public schools.
My sweet, amazing, handsome husband had no idea what he was getting into when we met. He and I are total opposites. We joke all the time about how if we had met in high school we wouldn’t be together because he was the football jock and I was the drama nerd. He’s a very neat person and I’m a messy person. My messes drive him crazy. Even though we are so different we have the same morals and goals in life. He truly is my better half and I love him. I know, I know everybody says that but it’s true.
           Two years ago our lives changed forever. We had our son. He is the most handsome, energetic, kind, and loving little human you’ll ever meet. Yes, I’m partial but you would be too if you knew him.
Motherhood is such a wonderful, humbling, beautiful and tiring experience. I always tell people ” it’s the Hardest and Most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.” 
            My mission with this blog is to show people the good, the easy, and sometimes flops of making crafts. I’m not perfect and my crafts aren’t either but I’m somewhat handy.

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