DIY Dog Belly Bands

The older I get the more I want to learn new skills. I’ve been thinking (and talking) about leaning to sew for a couple of years now but never took the initiative. Then last Christmas, one of my favorite family members, bought me a sewing machine. I’ve been trying to teach myself to sew ever since.

After posting pictures of a project I was working on, a friend from high school contacted me. She wanted to know if I could make her precious aging dog a belly band. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about. After some research, I agreed. She recently reached out to me again, to see if I would make her a few more. Today I’m going to show how to make a Dog Belly Band.


Things You’ll need:

Sewing Machine

Tape measure

Sew on Velcro (trust me on this. DO NOT buy the stick on kind.)

Cotton fabric (to save money I bought end of the roll fabric)

Scissors/Rotary Cutter


You’ll want to measure the dog around the waist. After you have the measurement add 2 to 3 inches  to the complete measurement. For example, the dog I made the belly band for is 16 inches around. So when I measured my fabric I marked it at 19 inches. You’ll want to iron the fabric before you measure and cut. (*Measure twice, cut once. You think I would remember this but of course I didn’t.)  Once I had measured the new pice of fabric twice I cut it at 19 inches long. For the height of band I mad it 10 inches.  You can make it 8 inches if you but I wanted to make it a tad bit wider.


Then you’ll want to fold your fabric in half, length wise (Hotdog) right side in. Next you’ll want to pin your fabric on two sides  (The long side and one of the short sides) IMG_9918

You’ll want to sew the sides that you have pinned closed. (Here is where my seamstress friends would probably be appalled.) I just eyeballed this measurement.  Once you have sewn the sides closed you’ll want to turn the band right side out and sew the open end. Something that I like to do to give the belly band a more finished look is to fold in the side a little bit and sew it closed.

IMG_9920                            IMG_9926

Before you get started sewing your velcro on you’ll need to iron the band again.  Alright now that, that’s finished it’s time to measure your velcro to 3 inches. Once you have your velcro marked at 3 inches cut it. *Trust me on this one do not buy the stick on velcro. I originally bought it and the box said that you could also sew it in. It’s true you a can but then your needle gets all sticky and gross. Frankly it’s a pain. Just buy sew on velcro.  You’ll want to pin the velcro to the fabric on opposing sides.

Sew on the velcro and there you have it ladies and gentlemen a doggie belly band.


If you’re looking to make a padded Dog Band this is a great tutorial:

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