DIY Count Down Picture Frame

My husband’s job takes him out of town for work. Now that our son is getting older he’s started asking when Daddy is coming home. I decided now to was the permit to make a countdown.IMG_9962

Things you’ll need:

8×10 Picture Frame

Vinyl (If you order from Pink Alligator Designs you can get a 10% discount use the code: HandyBrandy10 )

Scrapbook paper/ Card Stock

Glass Cleaner

Dry Erase Marker


If you use the Wet Method you’ll need:

Spray Bottle


Microfiber Cloth


You’ll want to clean the glass of your picture frame first. There are two ways to applying vinyl. The wet method and the dry method.  Below are two links demonstrating both.



I’ve never applied a vinyl before I decided to use the wet method because it gives you a little wiggle room to adjust IMG_9963if need be. I also had the vinyl mirrored so that it would be on the inside of the glass. I didn’t want to my son to trying to peel it off.

Once your glass is clean you’ll want to do a dry fit your vinyl and mark/measure where you want it to be. When you have it IMG_9975marked you’ll want to peel the backing off of the vinyl very carefully. Then you’ll spray your glass with water. Make sure you have it in the position you want it and lay it down. Like I said before you’ll have a little wiggle room if using the wet method.Spray the back of the vinyl generously.

IMG_9976Next you’ll want to squeegee all of the water out from between the vinyl and glass. I didn’t have a scraper so I used an empty gift card to get all the water out. Honestly this the most tedious part of this project. I know that I spent a good 45 minutes doing this.  When you’re finished you’ll want to wait at least an hour to take off the transfer paper. Letting it dry for 24 hours would be ideal and makes it extremely easy to take off  the longer you let it dry the easier it will be.

While I was letting that dry, I cut the stock paper to size by using the back of the picture frame as measurement. I cut several sheets so I could store them right behind the one I’m currently using and then when I get bored with that one I can just change it out.IMG_9977

I waited the hour to peel off the transfer paper. It was more difficult because it hadn’t dried long enough. Once I got the transfer paper off, I dabbed the glass dry and reassemble the frame. There you have it, a count down picture frame. IMG_6388

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