Fishing Bear Diaper Cake

Every time someone in my family finds out they’re having a baby, I volunteer to make the diaper cake for the baby shower. I really enjoy making them. I’m related to a lot of outdoorsy, country people, so my past diaper cakes have included a tractor and motorcycle. The cake I’m making today is simpler in design but still absolutely adorable.   IMG_9702

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 Packs of Diapers (I used luvs size 1, 48 count)

*you’ll only use half of the second pack

Medium/Small Stuffed Animals

1 Variety Bag of Rubber Bands

3 Ribbons (2in, 1.5in, & 1in)

3 Onesies


3 4oz Bottles


Twine or String

Rubber Ducks, Fish and Frog (Bath Toys)

Fishing Hat

Hot Glue Gun

Pacifiers in Plastic Case

3 Layer Cake Pans (Large, Medium, & Small)

3 Bundles of artificial Cattails


Green Construction Paper

Fabric (I used end of the roll fabric from Hobby Lobby)


First, you’ll want to start with the bottom layer. Roll a diaper up and secure it with a rubber band, then place it in the large baking pan. Continue rolling diapers, until the pan is half full. Next you’ll place the bottles where you want them in the layer and keep adding diapers until it’s packed. Once you’ve done that, take 3 large rubber bands and wrap them around the entire layer. Remove the layer from the pan and set it aside.

IMG_9703                         IMG_9704

                 IMG_9706Then you’ll want to start on the middle layer, it’s a lot like the bottom layer. Fill the medium pan until it’s half full. When you’ve finished that, you’ll want to roll up the onesies and place them where you want them.  Then you’ll go on putting rolled diapers in the pan until it’s full. When that’s done put 3 large rubber band around the layer and remove it from the pan.

You’ll want to fill the small pan with rolled diapers. When it gets full, take 3 large rubber bands and place them around the layer. Take the layer out of the pan and set it aside.IMG_9708

Next you’ll want return to the bottom layer. Measure the 2in ribbon around it. When you have it measured and cut, use the hot glue gun to glue the ribbon to itself. Next glue the 1.5in to the 2in ribbon where it meets and then the 1in to the 1.5in. Make sure the ribbons are centered. (You could also pin these at the seams with a straight pin)


When that’s finished stack the layers. Put the cattails inside the rolled up diapers on the bottom layer at the back. Then place the stuffed animal on top of the cake, with the hat on it’s head. Next you will you’ll take your stick and tie the string to one end of it. The empty end of the stick goes into the top layer of the  diaper cake, in front of the stuffed animal. Make sure the string is long enough to reach the bottom of the cake with a little wiggle room. Attach the toy fish to the end of the string. Place the pacifier box on the top in front of the bear. Place the other toys where ever you want you want them. IMG_9717


I can never do anything small and that includes diaper cakes. I feel as though a base to a diaper cake just brings the entire thing together. It give it a little something extra and helps support the over all look.

Take some cardboard (I recycled the box my son’s pull ups come in.) Cut it down to the size you want then cover it in fabric. Make sure to glue it on the back side of the card board. It gives it a more polished look. IMG_9722

When that’s done take some green construction paper and measure out different sized circles. Then cut them out. Once you have them cut out, cut a small “v” into each one to make it more closely resemble a lily pad.  Place your diaper cake on the cardboard, then arrange your lily pads the way you like. Once you have them in position tape them to the fabric covered cardboard.  Place the toys where you see fit. There you have it ladies and gentlemen a fishing bear diaper cake.


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