Replacing the Back Glass on an iPhone 5s

              I’m far from a tech genius. So when I decided to replace the back glass on my iPhone 5s myself, instead of forking out the 150 dollars to have the entire back replaced, it’s safe to say that I was little apprehensive. I knew that if I messed this up I would be spending a lot more that 150 dollars. After watching a ton of youtube videos, I had the confidence I needed to repair it. It was actually much easier than I ever would have thought. However less than 48 hours later I dropped it on concert and cracked the back glass, again. (Lucky me! Ha) Today I’m going to show you how simple it is to replace the back glass on and iPhone 5s. IMG_9724

Here’s what you’ll need:

Safety Glasses

iPhone Repair


Hair Dryer

Boxcutter (optional)

Air Duster (optional)

         First you’ll need to power down your phone. Then put on your safety glasses. Next take the hair dryer and heat the bottom glass until it’s hot to the touch or for one minute. This loosens the glue behind the glass making it easier to remove. Take the small flat head screw driver, that came in the kit, and put it at the edge of glass.(You can also use the boxcutter to try and get in-between the glass and the edge of the phone) You’ll want to start working away at the glass until a chunk comes out.IMG_9732IMG_9727

Stay along the edges of the glass. Once you’ve removed all of the glass, scrape the left over adhesive from the back. This will allow for your new glass to sit as flush as possible.  Then if you use Air Duster to make sure there are no small particles of glass left in it. IMG_9734

Grab your replacement bottom glass and peel the paper off the back side and stick it in there. Then just like that you are finished replacing the back glass. (If you order your replacement parts from a different company, make sure that they either have an adhesive back or that you purchase adhesive strip) I always like to turn my phone on after I’m finished to make sure that it everything is still woking properly. IMG_9735

         Once you’ve done that power your phone back down. Grab the hair dryer and heat the top glass until it’s hot to the touch or for a minute. You  need to be more cautious while removing the top glass. (If it looks important don’t touch it) Like on the bottom glass you’ll want to move around the edges. IMG_9740

In about the center of the glass there will be an electronic ribbon. You have to make certain that you don’t accidentally rip it off. Take the flat head screw driver and hold the ribbon down and slowly remove the glass above it. You’ll want to remove the camera lens. (If you bought your replacement from another store, you’ll want to make sure that yours has a lens with it or buy one separate. Also you can clean up your old one and use it) When that’s complete continue to remove the glass until it’s gone. Then scrape the left over glue out of it and use the Air Duster to remove any small debris. IMG_9743 Next you’ll grab your replacement glass peel the paper off to expose the adhesive side and pop it in. Your phone  is now fixed for 14 bucks, saving yourself 136 dollars. Not to bad if I do say so myself.IMG_9746

If you need more of a visual representation of how to replace the back glass to your iPhone heres one of the videos I

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