How Prolong the Life of a Keurig

We’ve had a Keurig for over 5 years now, it was a Christmas gift from my then future in-laws. (It’s so old I don’t think  they even make the exact one we have anymore.)  I think the thing that’s contributed to its long life span is that I give it a deep clean every 6 months or so. Today I’m going to show you how you too prolong the life of your Keurig. Lets get started.


Here’s What You’ll Need:

White Vinegar (The cheapest kind you can find)

Dishwashing Liquid

Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning Toothbrush


If there is a K-cup or Reusable K-Cup in you’ll want to remove it. Next remove all of the lid, reservoir, Filter, (if you have one)  K-Cup holder, (Be cautious when removing the K-Cup holder because of the needle) drip tray and cover. All of the parts are dishwasher safe except the lid. So you can throw them in the dishwasher  or wash them by hand. Just wipe the lid down with a damp cloth.

IMG_0125IMG_0127Open the top of the Keurig, grab the cleaning toothbrush and brush out all the coffee grounds you see.Then you’ll move down to where the reservoir sits and clean the edges with the cleaning toothbrush.

IMG_0133Add a drop or two of dishing washing liquid to warm bowl of water. Mix, dip toothbrush and repeat the last two steps. Once that’s finished rinse the toothbrush and go back over the top of the Keurig and where the reservoir sits to make sure the soap is gone.

Dip the cleaning cloth in the soapy mixture and wipe the outside of your Keurig.

IMG_0158IMG_0164IMG_0170Next you’ll need to reassemble the Keurig everything but the filter.   Whenever that’s complete take your vinegar and pour it into the reservoir.  Then run your Keurig through a brew cycle with nothing in it. Basically making cups of hot vinegar. When the vinegar has run its course, fill the reservoir with water and continue to run through cycles until the vinegar smell is gone.

IMG_0175That my friends is how you prolong the life of  a Keurig.


 1. This cleaning process uses a lot of water. This water can be reused to water plants. Vinegar is a great fertilizer.

2. If your Keurig ever displays “Prime”. Remove the water reservoir, take a measuring spoon or cup and add a water to the round hole that’s under it. Turn off the Keurig, replace the reservoir and turn it back on. Add water to your reservoir if need. The error “Prime” should be gone. If problem persist contact Keurig.

3. I was a little weary when we first got our Keurig. Even though I enjoyed the coffee that was provided at the time in the K-Cups,  I missed my favorite coffee. (Jamaican Me Crazy) The Keurig finally release a gadget to where you could brew your own coffee but it was kind of a pain to use. Then some genius mastermind developed the Reusable K-Cup and my prayers where answered. My husband and I don’t even buy K-Cups anymore. It’s really saved us a lot of money and the coffee we do buy goes a lot further.


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