Top 5 Places to Eat in Bakersfield, CA

My husband and I have always been “foodies” and we were recently in Bakersfield, California visiting family. Needless to say we had a great time and ate at all kinds of wonderful places. Here were my favorite places to eat in Bakersfield.

5.) Pappy’s Coffee Shop– We are the type of family that loves breakfast no mater the time of day. Pappy’s is one of the best breakfast places in Bakersfield. The food is delicious, reasonably priced and the portions are huge!!!

4.) Smith’s Bakery– If you’re like me (or most of the people in the world) you love a good cookie. Smith’s Bakery has just that and much more. My husband swears that Smith’s Smiley Face cookies are the best but I personally love the Thumb Prints. (Also if you’ve never had champagne cake, I recommend grabbing a Champagne cupcake. It’s absolutely delicious.)

3.) Red Wagon Cafe– The red wagon is right outside of Bakersfield, in Shafter, CA. The building itself, is an old train car that has been converted into this adorable restaurant. The food is amazing and you’ve got to come with big appetite because the portions there are HUGE!!

2.) Wool Growers– Before going on this trip I had never tried Basque food before. Wool Growers made the experience a memorable one. You sit at a table with all of your friends/family and the waitress brings out all kinds of food to your table. There are several courses, the food is endless and so yummy. ( I enjoyed it all but the pickled tongue. Not really my thing) It’s kind of like having Christmas Dinner with all of your favorite people.

1.) Dewar’s Candy Shop – My husband, Shae, (and the rest of his family) have been telling me how awesome the ice cream at Dewar’s is for years. They’ve been sending us the taffy chews from there since we started dating, so I knew those were delicious. But y’all I had no idea how truly amazing their ice cream was. I highly recommend the Black and Tan with crushed almonds. In the words of my two year old it’s “Nummy in my tummy!!!” The rest of the Choate family staple consists of the Black and White. In the words of my husband, “SUPER Nummy in my tummy!!!”


Noriega’s– My husband and I have been together for almost 6 years. I can’t tell you how many times he’s talked about Noriega’s. It’s tradition for all the guys to get together at Noriega’s to eat breakfast and drink. Even though I didn’t participate in this tradition, we did have dinner there. It’s another Basque restaurant and serves the same kind of food as Wool Growers. However instead of only sitting with family and friends you also sit next to strangers. I think this is a great way to meet people and make new friends.

Those are the top places I recommend eating if you find yourself in Bakersfield, California.

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