Packing Hack for Toddlers

We just returned from a 3 week vacation. The vacation itself was wonderful! However the actual packing for the trip I dreaded, especially packing for my toddler. I try to keep all of his outfits together when loading them into the suitcase but they still end up getting disheveled during the trip. Which leads my husband or I to digging around trying to find him an outfit or his pajamas for the rest of the trip. I find it annoying at best. While getting ready to start packing, I remembered a Pinterest pin I had read last year about a packing hack for toddlers using ziplock bags. I thought it was a little far fetched until I tried it myself. It was a huge time saver. So I thought I’d share it with you.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Ziplock Bags: Gallon Size

Complete Outfits: Including Underwear/Diaper and socks

A Sharpie

On a Ziplock bag write your child’s name. Draw a Sun or a Moon on it. The Sun will be for daytime clothes and Moon for pajamas.  Next you’ll place an outfit inside the bag, press all of the air out and seal it. Place it into the suitcase and there you have it. Now when you need an outfit you don’t have to spend all that time searching for socks or undies. Just grab it and go.

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