DIY Easter Stamps

I am always searching for new fun and cheap crafts to do with my son. When I came across this crazy inexpensive and easy diy project I knew that I had to give it try. Today I’m going to show you to make your very own DIY Easter Stamps.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Potatoes (Any kind, just make sure they are big or small enough to fit in your child’s hand)

Ink or Paint

Small Knife or and Xacto Knife



Start by cutting the potato in half.



Using your knife score the design you’d like to make. Once you’ve achieved the design, cut the lines/shapes deeper into potato.


Then you are going to start carving out the center section. (These aren’t going to be perfect, unless you are a professional potato carver or an artist, but you’re kids will enjoy them regardless.Trust me.)


Next it’s time to dip your potato stamp in ink/paint and start creating some memories. ENJOY!!



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