23 and Me


Over the last couple of days I’ve had a few of my friends and family members ask me about information on the ancestry DNA test I took from 23andMe.com last year. So today I figured I’d talk to y’all about it and the experience I had.

  Why I chose 23andMe.com over Ancestry.com?

I chose 23andMe over Ancestry DNA for a few reasons. I didn’t care about tracing my family tree. The only thing I wanted to know was my ethnic make up. Lastly, it was the cheaper test at the time. (They run specials at certain times of the year, I bought mine in December for about $100)

  How it works?

You order the kit online and within a 3-5 days you receive it. Inside there will a test tube that you’ll spit into it and register it online. Then you’ll return it back to them and in 8-12 weeks they’ll send you the results. Not only will you receive your ethnic make up but you’ll also get information on medical conditions you could be prone to. In addition to all of that you can chose to connect with relatives. (I recently found a second cousin, I didn’t even know existed)

I would recommend this for anyone who wants to know more about their genetic make up or ancestry. It’s really neat and interesting.



2 thoughts on “23 and Me

  1. I keep seeing commercials for these all the time! I really want to try it out cause my dad was adopted. We know he’s a majority Native American but I wonder if they can pinpoint the Region that they might be from. Maybe that will be something to look into in the future 😛

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